The USN Ternary research group is based at USN campus Kongsberg, Norway and collaborates closely with campuses Porsgrunn and Vestfold.


MSc students


  • 2022 Erika Fegri MSc thesis "Design of a Balanced Ternary Tridirectional Loadable Counter Using CNTFETs"
  • 2022 Mehtab Singh Virk MSc thesis "Memristor Development Platform - Dual Source Control For Implementations of Multistate Memristive Memory"
  • 2020 Julian Nilsen Breivold MSc thesis "Memristor Implementation of a Ternary Storage Circuit"
  • 2020 Halvor Risto MSc thesis "A study of CNTFET implementations for Ternary Logic and Data Radix Conversion"
  • 2019 Ingvild Engdal MSc thesis "Ternary Computed Assisted Secure Access"